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Lenders generally request an appraisal prior to the funding of any mortgage.  An appraisal may assist in production of a fair contract price.  The actual appraisal report defines the results.  While it might be true that an appraisal can help deter over priced property it might also  prevent one from selling a property below current value.

The Cost Approach determines the replacement cost of the land and improvements at today's value.

The Income Approach measures the income potential of the subject property.

The Sales Approach is the most widely used in estimating property value.


TouchvelocityAMC offers a complete range of appraisal services in order to ensure the appropriate valuation.

Appraisal Management Company can reduce the risk of fraud and perform as a buffer between Lender and Appraiser.


Appraisals contain comparables, graphs, and stats that inform the parties how the value was determined. They are by far the most comprehensive valuation product available.

The Sales Approach method analyzes the selling prices of recently sold and comparable properties within a defined area.  There are times when combinations of methods are used to evaluate more accurately the property present value..